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Anita L. Helm is an author and transformational presenter. With her international podcast Milkshake Mondays she reaches the masses. Her thought leadership is demonstrated across every walk of life from business leaders, coaches, clergy, community activists, and neighborhoods. As a lifelong learner, Anita allows her life to be her classroom. She is an open book.


About The Book

Anita Helm's nonfiction invites readers into a heartfelt journey of growth, resilience, and self-discovery. In "A Leap of Faith," she warmly shares personal stories of navigating faith and relationships, offering an intimate peek into life's struggles. With a delightful mix of humor and sincerity, Helm reveals the ups and downs of wearing many hats, proving that the Superwoman cape doesn't always fit and isn't made to. This memoir is a beacon of hope for those navigating adversity or questioning their path, showing that mistakes don't define us. As a voice of the generation, Helm demonstrates that making questionable decisions need not define one's future, offering reassurance and inspiration to readers. If you are looking for laughter, tears, and renewed optimism, "A Leap of Faith: A Life Filled with Questionable Choices" is a must-read.

Publicist: HKL4U, LLC - F.E. Helm,, 703-439-8142

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