The time worn picture of Anita Helm in her early 20’s visualizes the appearance that all is well.  Posed pictures aren't the reality.  STAND-FAILURE is an intense lessons learned venture chronicling a life in free fall to recovery.  Anita's discussion on overcoming failure helps to recognize that the situations of turmoil, tears and scratches bring time tested values.  The timing and attitude you bring to the unforeseen and unprepared moments of your life make or break you.  How you respond makes the difference.



“Amid the Situations of life, in various Timing, the Attitude we express is key to handling successes and failures well. The Navigation of our decisions, our emotions, and other activities, this dictates our Destiny.”

S.T.A.N.D., an acrostic, with a focus on Failure, provides practical instruction on the decisions, emotions, and activities each person goes through when overcoming failures. This seminar explains how having the right mindset and attitude for approaching failures shapes our lives. Speaker Anita Helm uses life stories, laughter, and honesty in sharing how to persevere in the detours of life’s journey.

  The goal of this STAND*Failure presentation is to learn: 

  • How to admit the truth about the issues of life
  • How to recognize what is and is NOT under your control
  • How to acknowledge you are not “the only one”
  • Ways to avoid getting stuck in the quicksand of regret
  • How to appreciate hitting rock bottom as a way up
  • To understand setbacks as the seasonings for life

This STAND*Failure session will chronicle the brokenness of Anita's struggle. The session is personal and covers pain, shame, embarrassment, pride and humility.  If you want hope for the stages from pitfall  to promotion join STAND*Failure.

1 Day Workshop and 1-2-Hour Interactive Presentations SAMPLE available.