Target Audience


4 Dōes Productions offers in person, electronic and printed teaching developed to provide understandable, motivating, and sustainable help to both unchurched and churched peoples around the world.

4 Dōes offers a wide array of content to assist diverse audiences, including:

Men – To provide insight on faith, career, family, finances, dating, marriage and how to overcome failures. To provide encouragement from a woman's perspective who will let you get a word in and have a laugh.

Women -To share wisdom on how being a superwoman is not always possible in every season of a woman's life. To offer assurance that juggling faith, career, family, finances, and the cares of this life are not easy. To let you know that many of us find ourselves hanging by our fingernails.

Boys (and Teens) - To explain how being a boy transitioning to manhood takes honesty, smarts, and the strength to admit that you don't have all the answers. And to share the perspectives of girls and young women.

Girls (and Teens) - To share how finding the right balance during the seasons of your life, is not a one size fits all. To help them understand that playing with dolls has little to do with how to become educated, well adapted, or prepared for the hard lessons of life and womanhood. To prepare for the realities of the unplanned changes of life.

Rich and Poor – To share a realist and optimist’s perspective for how being rich or poor doesn't make anyone exempt from humanity. To remind all that into every life some rain must fall. To expose the hearer that thinking about others is in the best interest of everyone.

LGBTQ To find a common compassion for everyone being lovable and desiring to be loved. To encourage understanding and recognition that although some views may not align, we can (and will) show respect and empathize with one another in navigating life.

All Racial and Cultural Backgrounds - To admire the diverse rainbow of our experiences which allows us to learn, love and live together, amid the different cultures we embrace. To join in common human purpose to make the Earth a better journey for those now and yet to come. 

You – To allow you to understand 4 Dōes is for YOU to find your place in which you belong and THRIVE!