Gift of Encouragement


The core of 4 Dōes Productions is to "encourage."  Anita speaks openly, honestly and allows the vulnerabilities of the crushing and turns of her life to help, equip and direct those willing to listen.

Anita motivates and inspires the young, old and everyone in between with godly encouragement.  Encouraging is a GOD given spiritual gift that energizes her.  Anita Helm shares hope to strangers, neighbors, and any person.  Her message is don't let the carpet burns of your life define you.  The pitstops of life's journey DON'T NEED TO BE THE DESTINATION. There is value is failure.  

Encouragement to Anita doesn't have a target demographic.  Through 4 Dōes Productions, Anita encourages the poor, rich, young, old, black, white, yellow, straight, gay, Christian and any person needing help. The Target Audience was created to show inclusion.  GOD is love.  GOD is merciful.  GOD doesn't change for us, we change for HIM.   If you are reading this - 4 Dōes has encouragement  for YOU. Freebie just for reading this far: You are unique and precious. There's nobody "exactly" like you and that's GOD's grand plan for you.  

The 4 Dōes Productions website is a living instrument in which Anita readily admits, she does not have all the answers or any FINAL ones.  Anita knows and shares in a not so bashful way that she trust the leadership of GOD in her life.  That's not religious or programmed.  Whatever place you are in life there's always room to meet another person that cares. 4 Dōes is a gift created for you.