Marriage in the Checkout Line (MITCL 1)

MITCL- Series 1 -Supplemental resource from the STAND*Relationships

You're Married, Now What? Men and women both dream about finding that special person to spend the rest of their lives together. Dreams often become nightmares without adequate insight for what marriage is really about.

Like shoppers arriving at the market for groceries there are some who go to the store with a list of needed items;  while others go and wing it. Winging it in a grocery store, is a unadvisable as picking a spouse with no forethought.  

As the misguided shopper makes their purchases and undoubtedly realizes they have forgotten items, selected spoiled produce, or bought more than they bargained for. Poor shopping is not such a different analogy of agreeing to marry people who look tasty, juicy  and savory on the outside only to learn that they are dry, stale and expired.  All kidding aside, the very serious dilemma of the state of failing marriages is no laughing matter.  Newly weds to lifers are throwing in the towel at an alarming rate.  The marriage dilemma is why the Late Rev. William Helm and Anita Helm developed the Marriage in the Checkout Line Series. 

Series 1 provides the level setting of couples who have taken the leap of faith into marriage.  In Series 1 Anita will discuss her personal experiences with her life lessons. She will explain how the secret killer of marriage is selfishness.  She will discuss what maintaining a healthy friendship has to do with sustaining a love relationship that grows.  She will explore how two imperfect people can live together without wanting to kill one another.  She will introduce some of the misunderstood Christian principles of marriage.  Marriage is not a one size fits all, but its "all in" for those that want to have a successful partnership for life's JOURNEY. 

This Series will shine the light on the reality of how we all are selfish and what are the keys to combating Selfish tendencies that are as common as breathing within any marriage relationship.

MICL Series 1 – Discussion Order  

  • Singlehood
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Selfishness – The Silent Killer
  • Marriage in the Early Years
  • The Honeymoon to Spilled Milk